Marketing Cloud Platform
Shenlin technology is an intelligent cloud platform focusing on global marketing
Main Business
Global data collection
ShenLin data acquisition ability to support multiple platforms, the type and amount of full contact data acquisition, the different sources of data at the same time use the Uni - in the form of ID to get through, based on consulting way of data collection contains historical data, and the third party data collection, safeguard the integrity of the data, support multiple docking system, implement the data flow in different platforms and applications.
Data asset precipitation
The collected data, which can identify, distinguish and indexing, and the user, events, page, transformation and variable information, to produce the result data, and data cleansing, remove the false and garbage flows, and the advertising platform, behavior and offline behavior within the station to get through, such as removing data islands, providing data basis for business analysis and insight.
Fine operation
Based on different business scenarios, perform effective user data analysis and portrait analysis, minute-level data access and feedback, custom transformation goals and report generation. Based on the data of user behavior, it analyzes user interest, conversion and retention behaviors to find growth points and generate corresponding marketing strategies. And based on real-time data feedback to adjust the strategy. Ultimately for the customer to achieve transformation and user life cycle improvement.
Marketing automation
Access to user behavior data in the application, access to pop-ups in the site, Push outside the site, user behavior and attribute data in the whole chain, grasp every touch. Custom marketing logic and transformation goals, minute level contact data feedback, custom transformation goals, report automatically generated. API connects with third party marketing tools, such as public domain direct contact, programmatic contact, private domain social contact, video streaming, small programs, e-commerce and other channels, so that the contact methods are more diverse, flexible and extensible.
Shenlin Technology - marketing intelligent platform

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