To provide users with comprehensive business scenarios,
combined with millward Brown's technical innovation capabilities,
to provide solutions in multiple fields
Brand retail industry digital marketing system
The solution
  • Efficient and tangible financialized digital processes

    Connect with customer management platform to obtain basic customer information, intelligently delineate the group, and generate customer conversion tendency model according to static label and behavior trajectory

  • Recommend partner companies and provide sales leads based on customer maturity score and customer preference.

  • When communicating with customers through enterprise wechat, the chat sidebar can be pulled out with one click, and all the basic information, labels and historical transaction records of customers can be displayed. From the perspective of customers, we can provide solutions and opinions, which are more acceptable to customers.

Project results
Guided a certain auto insurance electric sales to call out to the private domain, and promoted the transaction through the intelligent salesman and communication skills, and the insurance rate increased by 10%
Help a bank to operate customers in a fine way and realize the rapid growth of AUM
Shenlin Technology - marketing intelligent platform

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