Precise advertising
Shenlin technology is an intelligent cloud platform focusing on global marketing
Main Business
Massive media resources
ShenLin advertising platform has a lot of mass flow rate products, covering the user each usage scenario, 7 x 24 hour seamless touch up to your target customers, the media advertising ecosystem, cover the vertical media, social networking, video, mainstream APP, domestic media resources such as wisdom, realize the customer different media on demand, brand promotion, goods, stores, Application and collection of clues and other marketing scenarios.
Precise and intelligent orientation
Based on analysis of large data sequencing advertising for advertisers, more in line with customer requirements of real-time ads, based on market analysis and previous experience in advertising, covered in choose high conversion of the target population of 1.1 billion people, equipped with professional team, can produce images, dynamic effect, video advertising, better and more professional brand position, formulate advertising Fielding drills, Optimization, continuous delivery cycle, improve advertising effect.
Advertising management platform
The advertising management platform created by Shenlin advertising includes every step from advertising planning, scheduling and production to landing and execution. Considering the cooperation process between customers and agents and other partners, the marketing activities are guaranteed to be carried out on schedule according to the process management and approval process. At the same time, through Marketing API, the ordering mode of different platforms is unified, making omnimedia and omnichannel launching easier.
Intelligent data analysis
Users' action track and transformation link are presented to help enterprises make marketing decisions and realize the closed-loop before and after investment. Relying on massive data, we explore users' in-depth demands comprehensively and accurately. Large data storage space and high performance data computing power to facilitate marketing growth. In addition, it provides powerful BI analysis tools to analyze advertising data templates in different marketing scenarios, and conducts comprehensive analysis and effect summary of advertising strategies, materials, groups and orientation methods.
Shenlin Technology - marketing intelligent platform

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