To provide users with comprehensive business scenarios,
combined with millward Brown's technical innovation capabilities,
to provide solutions in multiple fields
Digital marketing system
The solution
  • The change of consumers' lifestyle gives birth to new forms of shopping. E-commerce and home service have become the new battlefield of retail, transforming from traditional mechanism promotion to theme promotion.

    From broad mass marketing to precise community interactive marketing and fission marketing.

  • From offline marketing to online and offline combined marketing.

  • Design a private domain traffic operation model for traffic precipitation, fission propagation, and sales transformation, and finally fully empower customers on "business + revenue".

Project results
Build more than ten marketing scenarios and transformation funnel for customers, compare and analyze the difference of group attributes at different levels, find the key factors affecting transformation, and improve the overall transformation effect.
Through the analysis of contact value and crowd coincidence degree on the data management platform, the intelligent scheduling is realized, and the CPUV is greatly reduced by 30% under the condition of guaranteeing the original UV reach standard.
Shenlin Technology - marketing intelligent platform

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