To provide users with comprehensive business scenarios,
combined with millward Brown's technical innovation capabilities,
to provide solutions in multiple fields
Digital marketing system
The solution
  • Create a product - and technology-driven marketing solution in the context of a better understanding of games and replaying them.

    In the selection of advertising form and scene design, users can increase the viscosity and activity; At the same time, IAP can continue to increase user value as the effect of IAP wanes in the middle and later stages of a user's life cycle.

  • Focus on the AD fill rate and achieve the highest eCPM when 100% fill is guaranteed.

  • Enriching the user experience, showing ads at the right time and allowing the user to receive item rewards is a bonus for the user, but also allows him to experience the depth of the paying player's gameplay by trading time without paying for it.

Project results
To help clients maintain data stability and reduce the risk of a single platform, often with access to multiple advertising platforms.
Use shenlin advertising tools to help customers save labor costs, refine the flow of operations, and distribute the flow to the best and most appropriate channels.
Shenlin Technology - marketing intelligent platform

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