Shenlin technology is an intelligent cloud platform focusing on global marketing
Main Business
Video channel operation
Serve customers and assist customers in brand and product promotion on video and live broadcast platforms, including content Zhang Zuo, account operation, live broadcast e-commerce operation and other services. Social and video information dissemination fission and link tracking help brands meet the three private domain operation needs of social advertising, social distribution and intelligent marketing.
Content creation
Create unique and outstanding marketing content, connect customers and creators, and KOL, and carry out theme content creation and content distribution according to customers' marketing themes and growth goals. Help customers unify the "marketing language" from two angles, understand the needs of users from the perspective of marketing communication, and communicate the needs of customers in the content language familiar to the creator through the "content language" with the creator, so that the creator can clarify the creative direction and creativity.
IP incubation
Incubate unique ideas, output high-quality content, tap potential IP, solve the positioning, production, distribution, dissemination and commercial operation of original content through the cooperation between creative people and IP, incubate high-quality content with creative people, and tap IP with great market potential. And provide marketing value to customers through IP and creative content.
Platform creation plan
Through the Kwai Tung platform, the video frequency, the different industry topics, motivating agency business, serving the jitter, tiktok, Tencent video number, etc., we will create a vigorous topic, hotspot and creative plan around the theme of the car.
Shenlin Technology - marketing intelligent platform

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