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[Job Responsibilities]

1. Responsible for customer advertising promotion, evaluated and optimized the promotion effect, and put forward improvement suggestions;

2. Responsible for the operation and promotion of the company’s APP in various Android download markets, IOS APP stores, Baidu search, information flow, Guangdiantong, Douyin, Kuaishou and other information flow platforms, including the release strategy, budget allocation, daily account management and maintenance, etc., to achieve the goals of downloads, installs and registrations;

3. Responsible for the formulation and implementation of phase plans, providing weekly and monthly media delivery plans, monitoring and tracking the data and feedback of various promotion channels, analyzing the retention, recovery and ROI of promotion data, and timely adjusting promotion strategies;

4. Responsible for the negotiation, coordination and promotion of new promotion and cooperation channel business, as well as online testing and launching, controlling the launching materials, making advertising data reports of various channels, analyzing and optimizing the launching effects, and being responsible for cost and quantity;

5. Analyzed the characteristics of peers and the promotion methods of peers’ products, formulated the optimization strategy of the company’s APP, followed up the optimization promotion effect, and issued some analysis reports;

6. Completed KPI indicators of marketing;


[Job Requirements]

1. Familiar with the promotion process, rich channel resources, mobile terminal product promotion experience, engaged in information flow promotion product promotion for more than one year;

2. Keen market sense, excellent business negotiation ability and data analysis ability;

3. Strong ability to operate accounts by oneself;

4. Strong sense of responsibility, integrity, positive and enterprising, able to constantly optimize and improve the work according to the current situation;

5. Able to formulate and implement effective market operation plans, and establish deep and good business relations with partners;

6, cheerful personality, strong team spirit, and can activate the team atmosphere;

Bachelor degree or above;

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[Job Responsibilities]

Responsible for providing brand customers with Internet marketing solutions based on the company’s media platform

Fully understand customer needs, put forward ideas and logic of marketing strategy, and write planning schemes;
Have unique insight in planning, can combine creative points to complete high quality media communication programs;
3. Propose solutions based on customer promotion;
Responsible for explaining the confirmed plan to the internal staff to ensure the implementation;
Communicate effectively and reasonably with other departments related to the project, accurately communicate the requirements, and monitor the normal operation of the project;
Complete other tasks assigned by leader.


[Job Requirements]

1. Bachelor degree or above, PPT skill is required;
At least 1 year advertising planning experience, major in journalism, communication, advertising, public relations, marketing is preferred;
Have excellent writing skills, have the ability to independently write sales plan, 4A advertising company related experience is preferred;
Big project, big brand and whole case service experience is preferred;
Strong initiative and high work enthusiasm, good team spirit, strong thirst for new things, strong ability to work under pressure is preferred;
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[Job Responsibilities]

Experience in insurance and insurance brokerage project testing is preferred

1. Participate in demand review and put forward reasonable opinions;

2. Conducted functional test, smoke test, unit test, compatibility test, performance test and other tests for the company’s insurance platform projects;

3. Independently write test plans, test cases, execute test cases, track defects and write test reports;

4. Push the problems found in the test to be solved;

5. Familiar with the basic process of software testing, master the testing methods of Web end, APP end and server end.


Job specification

At least 3 years test working experience, automation test, performance test, test development experience is preferred;

2. Proficient in various software testing methods and theories, with strong understanding and analytical ability of complex business;

3. Familiar with interface testing, familiar with Jmeter, Fidder, LoadRunner and other testing tools;

4, skilled in using one or more databases, able to write SQL statements;

5. Familiar with Linux system and common commands; Able to build and deploy test environment independently;

6. Familiar with Java, Python and other scripting languages, with certain code reading and writing ability, able to write automatic test scripts;

7. Able to take charge of projects independently, with good team spirit and strong learning and communication skills;

8. Please send your resume to

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[Job Responsibilities]

1. Able to explain on camera according to short video content requirements, mainly short video, supplemented by live broadcast;

2. Have certain anchor ability, track and collect popular videos on Douyin every day, and accurately capture their highlights;

3. Familiar with the operation of Douyin software, good at using the software to interact with online and offline fans and combine the network hot spots to produce popular content.


[Job Requirements]

1. Good mandarin, desire to perform, and strive to improve talent and live broadcast skills;

2. Strong communication and language skills, active thinking and innovative ability;

3, good insight, strong sense of network, a certain performance talent is better;

4. Please send your resume to

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This position is mainly for the company to cultivate long-term development partners, interns with excellent performance can be transferred to full-time after graduation.

Provide internship certificate during internship.


[Job Responsibilities]

1. Responsible for on-camera video shooting, in accordance with the company’s needs, highlighting personal characteristics, mainly short video, supplemented by live broadcast;

2. Responsible for regularly shooting short videos on the platform to improve activity and increase the viscosity and number of fans;

3. Have certain anchor ability, track and collect popular videos on Douyin every day, and accurately capture their highlights;

3. Familiar with the operation of Douyin software, good at using the software to interact with online and offline fans and combine the network hot spots to produce popular content.


[Job Requirements]

1, no experience requirements, interested in the screen, hope to work in the future anchor industry;

2, Good mandarin, have the desire to express;

3. Strong communication and language skills, active thinking and innovative ability;

4, good insight, strong sense of network, a certain performance talent is better;

5. Please send your resume to

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[Job Responsibilities]

According to personal career planning and company training, I have the following career development directions: Communication and content planning, project management, business development [Communication and content planning direction]

1. Regular job rotation in various departments of the company, familiar with the main work and necessary skills of the department;

2. Creative content formulation of IP exhibitions or other projects; During the job rotation, assist the company to complete cross-department related projects, complete the training and cultivation of ability planning;

3. After job rotation, determined the positions of the department according to my own will and the company’s needs, and further developed and improved the business ability;

4. Complete the work according to the task and conduct regular assessment in the later stage.


【 Qualifications 】

Based on the development and change of the company’s business, the specific work needs are also within the scope of the job responsibilities, and the specific requirements shall prevail.

1. Bachelor degree or above, major is not limited;

2. Strong analytical ability, good logical thinking and coordination ability;

3. Strong learning ability, can constantly update the relevant knowledge required by the post, and can flexibly apply the knowledge to work;

4. Proficient in Office software, such as Word, Excel, PPT, etc.

5. Enthusiastic about the company’s industry, company projects and positions;

6. Proficient in office software, obey the company’s arrangement;

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[Job Description]

1. Participate in requirement analysis and requirement realization discussion and workload assessment, develop reasonable work plan, and manage risks in the implementation process;

2. Responsible for the detailed design and development of related products of the company, including participating in demand analysis, database structure design and core code development;

3. Maintain and improve software products and systems, quickly locate and repair related defects, and timely solve problems.


[Job Requirements]

1. Bachelor degree or above in computer science or related field, 1-3 years working experience is preferred;

2. Proficient in Java development skills, sensitive to new technologies and willing to commit to the exploration and research of new technologies, able to independently develop relevant application platforms according to relevant requirements and product design;

3. Deeply understand the design ideas and implementation methods of Spring (springMVC/ Spring Boot/Spring Cloud) technology stack, Mybatis, cache technology, message queue and other frameworks;

4. Have a deep understanding of the basic theory and internal implementation mechanism of database, proficient in the application of Mysql, Oracle and other conventional databases, and know NoSQL;

5. Familiar with common middleware, such as Kafka/Redis/ZooKeeper, and have a certain understanding of its principle and mechanism;

6. Familiar with design and application of distributed system with large flow, high concurrency and high performance, and familiar with security mechanism and performance tuning;

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[Job Responsibilities]

1. Formulated short-term and long-term planning schemes based on the company’s development strategy and industry trend, and led the team to complete the establishment and operation of MCN mode from 0 to 1;

2. Responsible for building and managing the broker team of MCN platform, developing the management system and cooperation mode of Red people, and bringing live Red people account; Signing all kinds of celebrities, incubating new celebrities, providing full platform attention;

3. Pay attention to industry trends, conduct data analysis and summary based on business needs, and constantly adjust content strategy and optimize content quality according to node or hot spot time, so as to increase user growth, user activity and communication exposure;

4. Good at coordination and utilization of multi-party resources to win internal flow and resource support for MCN business.

5. Management experience of incubation project is preferred.


[Job Requirements]

1. More than 5 years working experience in MCN industry, with macro vision and ability to forecast and control industry trends;

2. Familiar with MCN operation;

3, from 0-1 network red operation experience or network red resources is preferred;

4. New media operation experience, familiar with a large number of high-quality resources (MCN institutions/Internet celebrities), a wide network of contacts, business cooperation with major social platforms, MCN institutions, Internet celebrities, can integrate resources;

5. Please send your resume to

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1. Responsible for reviewing various accounting work, reviewing and compiling various financial statements to ensure timely and accurate reflection of the company’s financial status and operating results;

2. Continuously optimized the company’s accounting system, improved the company’s accounting system and financial management system, and supervised their implementation;

3. Conducted regular financial statement analysis and gross profit analysis to provide detailed basis for the company’s operation and management decisions;

4. Organize and prepare the company’s annual budget according to the company’s annual business summary plan, provide financial data to relevant departments, and provide financial data for enterprise budget management;

5. Responsible for team building and staff training of the department, making relevant internal indicators of finance, and managing performance assessment;

6. Tax planning and tax payment according to national tax laws and regulations;

7. Financial analysis and risk control.



1. Bachelor degree or above in accounting, finance or finance;

2. At least 2 years of financial management experience; Experience in Internet enterprises; Intermediate title or above, CPA or audit experience is preferred;

Familiar with finance, accounting, tax knowledge, familiar with tax related laws and regulations and financial internal control work process;

4, cheng is prudent, rigorous and meticulous, a strong sense of responsibility, with good communication and expression skills, team spirit, strong ability to work under pressure

5. Please send your resume to

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