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Updated date :2021-11-17

[Job Responsibilities]

1. Responsible for customer advertising promotion, evaluated and optimized the promotion effect, and put forward improvement suggestions;

2. Responsible for the operation and promotion of the company’s APP in various Android download markets, IOS APP stores, Baidu search, information flow, Guangdiantong, Douyin, Kuaishou and other information flow platforms, including the release strategy, budget allocation, daily account management and maintenance, etc., to achieve the goals of downloads, installs and registrations;

3. Responsible for the formulation and implementation of phase plans, providing weekly and monthly media delivery plans, monitoring and tracking the data and feedback of various promotion channels, analyzing the retention, recovery and ROI of promotion data, and timely adjusting promotion strategies;

4. Responsible for the negotiation, coordination and promotion of new promotion and cooperation channel business, as well as online testing and launching, controlling the launching materials, making advertising data reports of various channels, analyzing and optimizing the launching effects, and being responsible for cost and quantity;

5. Analyzed the characteristics of peers and the promotion methods of peers’ products, formulated the optimization strategy of the company’s APP, followed up the optimization promotion effect, and issued some analysis reports;

6. Completed KPI indicators of marketing;


[Job Requirements]

1. Familiar with the promotion process, rich channel resources, mobile terminal product promotion experience, engaged in information flow promotion product promotion for more than one year;

2. Keen market sense, excellent business negotiation ability and data analysis ability;

3. Strong ability to operate accounts by oneself;

4. Strong sense of responsibility, integrity, positive and enterprising, able to constantly optimize and improve the work according to the current situation;

5. Able to formulate and implement effective market operation plans, and establish deep and good business relations with partners;

6, cheerful personality, strong team spirit, and can activate the team atmosphere;

Bachelor degree or above;

8. Please send your resume to


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