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Test engineer
Updated date :2021-11-17

[Job Responsibilities]

Experience in insurance and insurance brokerage project testing is preferred

1. Participate in demand review and put forward reasonable opinions;

2. Conducted functional test, smoke test, unit test, compatibility test, performance test and other tests for the company’s insurance platform projects;

3. Independently write test plans, test cases, execute test cases, track defects and write test reports;

4. Push the problems found in the test to be solved;

5. Familiar with the basic process of software testing, master the testing methods of Web end, APP end and server end.


Job specification

At least 3 years test working experience, automation test, performance test, test development experience is preferred;

2. Proficient in various software testing methods and theories, with strong understanding and analytical ability of complex business;

3. Familiar with interface testing, familiar with Jmeter, Fidder, LoadRunner and other testing tools;

4, skilled in using one or more databases, able to write SQL statements;

5. Familiar with Linux system and common commands; Able to build and deploy test environment independently;

6. Familiar with Java, Python and other scripting languages, with certain code reading and writing ability, able to write automatic test scripts;

7. Able to take charge of projects independently, with good team spirit and strong learning and communication skills;

8. Please send your resume to

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