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JAVA Development Engineer
Updated date :2021-11-17

[Job Description]

1. Participate in requirement analysis and requirement realization discussion and workload assessment, develop reasonable work plan, and manage risks in the implementation process;

2. Responsible for the detailed design and development of related products of the company, including participating in demand analysis, database structure design and core code development;

3. Maintain and improve software products and systems, quickly locate and repair related defects, and timely solve problems.


[Job Requirements]

1. Bachelor degree or above in computer science or related field, 1-3 years working experience is preferred;

2. Proficient in Java development skills, sensitive to new technologies and willing to commit to the exploration and research of new technologies, able to independently develop relevant application platforms according to relevant requirements and product design;

3. Deeply understand the design ideas and implementation methods of Spring (springMVC/ Spring Boot/Spring Cloud) technology stack, Mybatis, cache technology, message queue and other frameworks;

4. Have a deep understanding of the basic theory and internal implementation mechanism of database, proficient in the application of Mysql, Oracle and other conventional databases, and know NoSQL;

5. Familiar with common middleware, such as Kafka/Redis/ZooKeeper, and have a certain understanding of its principle and mechanism;

6. Familiar with design and application of distributed system with large flow, high concurrency and high performance, and familiar with security mechanism and performance tuning;

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