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MCN Operations director
Updated date :2021-11-17

[Job Responsibilities]

1. Formulated short-term and long-term planning schemes based on the company’s development strategy and industry trend, and led the team to complete the establishment and operation of MCN mode from 0 to 1;

2. Responsible for building and managing the broker team of MCN platform, developing the management system and cooperation mode of Red people, and bringing live Red people account; Signing all kinds of celebrities, incubating new celebrities, providing full platform attention;

3. Pay attention to industry trends, conduct data analysis and summary based on business needs, and constantly adjust content strategy and optimize content quality according to node or hot spot time, so as to increase user growth, user activity and communication exposure;

4. Good at coordination and utilization of multi-party resources to win internal flow and resource support for MCN business.

5. Management experience of incubation project is preferred.


[Job Requirements]

1. More than 5 years working experience in MCN industry, with macro vision and ability to forecast and control industry trends;

2. Familiar with MCN operation;

3, from 0-1 network red operation experience or network red resources is preferred;

4. New media operation experience, familiar with a large number of high-quality resources (MCN institutions/Internet celebrities), a wide network of contacts, business cooperation with major social platforms, MCN institutions, Internet celebrities, can integrate resources;

5. Please send your resume to

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