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Finance Manager/Finance Director
Updated date :2021-11-17

1. Responsible for reviewing various accounting work, reviewing and compiling various financial statements to ensure timely and accurate reflection of the company’s financial status and operating results;

2. Continuously optimized the company’s accounting system, improved the company’s accounting system and financial management system, and supervised their implementation;

3. Conducted regular financial statement analysis and gross profit analysis to provide detailed basis for the company’s operation and management decisions;

4. Organize and prepare the company’s annual budget according to the company’s annual business summary plan, provide financial data to relevant departments, and provide financial data for enterprise budget management;

5. Responsible for team building and staff training of the department, making relevant internal indicators of finance, and managing performance assessment;

6. Tax planning and tax payment according to national tax laws and regulations;

7. Financial analysis and risk control.



1. Bachelor degree or above in accounting, finance or finance;

2. At least 2 years of financial management experience; Experience in Internet enterprises; Intermediate title or above, CPA or audit experience is preferred;

Familiar with finance, accounting, tax knowledge, familiar with tax related laws and regulations and financial internal control work process;

4, cheng is prudent, rigorous and meticulous, a strong sense of responsibility, with good communication and expression skills, team spirit, strong ability to work under pressure

5. Please send your resume to

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