Shenlin advertising obtained kuaishou KA national advertising agency business
Shenlin Precision advertising in early November 2021 became kuaishou KA brand agent, responsible for kuaishou APP, kuaishou speed version of APP advertising agency, and can be responsible for kuaishou commercial content platform and Jinniu e-commerce platform related demand and information release, management and other technical services.
Precise advertising
We integrate massive media resources and create an all-domain advertising platform through AI intelligent algorithms. Combining data integration of public domain and private domain, we carry out personalized recommendation and activation to make traffic more valuable.
MCN business
With the rapid development of the cultural industry and the "Internet celebrity" economy, we provide customers with more direct brand and product introduction through the BUSINESS model of MCN, and provide customers with account marketing consulting and growth strategies through different video and live broadcast platforms.
Main Business
Integrated marketing consulting
The core of the digital marketing is the ability to large-scale precision personalized marketing, need to have huge client group oriented the overall marketing ability, needs to have one thousand thousand surface precision personalized marketing ability, especially when the marketing activities involved in different regions, different channels and different categories, the challenge is particularly difficult. Shenlin advertising is equipped with special service team and project support team to ensure perfect and professional marketing consulting, operation and technical services in each link, and improve the efficiency of media management and utilization.
Precise advertising
With perfect marketing technology and products, as well as strong platform docking capability, Shenlin provides customers with systematic ecological marketing construction scheme, legal consultation of data ecosystem, data collection scheme of one party/three parties, and scientific application model to promote business results.

Marketing Cloud Platform
Shenlin marketing cloud platform integrates the data of consumers in the whole domain (one party, two parties, three parties), establishes a unified user profile and label system, and achieves user insight and business growth through customer segmentation and user portrait, such as marketing (precision marketing), user experience optimization, etc. Shenlin marketing cloud platform is also for the business growth of customer data enabling center, to provide data support to other systems.

MCN business
The main business of SHENlin MCN is account operation, helping customers promote brands and products on video and live broadcast platforms, including content production, account operation and live broadcast e-commerce operation. At the same time, we also serve the video platform, theme creation, IP incubation, KOL with goods and other communities, word-of-mouth creation incentive plan.

Automobile enterprises are affected by many factors and are facing transformation pressure
From the restrictions of laws and regulations on the exit of personal privacy data, major car companies urgently need to store customer data in local servers. Traditional systems like SAP have complex operation and poor interactivity, which cannot meet the current business requirements of new media data collection, clue classification and insight generation. Clues collected from different channels cannot be effectively classified and managed, resulting in a lack of customer insight, resulting in inactive customer data and a low conversion rate of clues. Moreover, at present, car companies have too many systems, with 30+ internal and external systems that need to be integrated to promote the improvement of business efficiency. Digital transformation, data-based marketing, endogenous growth of car companies, refined operation, data-driven and so on, all data-related concepts have attracted great attention.
Customer digital operation platform based on enterprise wechat
Constitute retail three elements: from "goods - market - people" to "people - goods - market". The human-centered commercial form is bound to meet the needs of "people" behavior and habits under the new environment. Online and offline will gradually transform from relative independence and conflict into mutual promotion and integration. Open the full-link marketing loop, and connect with the self-built marketing platform, aggregate consumption data and social data, take the private domain shopping guide as the super connection point, connect users externally, and improve the shopping guide service and operation efficiency; Internally empowered organization, management and motivation.
From buying quantity to content marketing, Cenozoic marketing position
Thanks to the popularity of computers and smartphones, China's video game industry has enjoyed years of rapid growth, with 626 million users playing games. Tiktok, Kuaishou and other video information streaming platforms have become an important marketing front for indie games, and most indie games give priority to marketing on these platforms.
Personalized marketing strategies in the financial industry
Facing the problems of supervision and customer acquisition, the financial industry needs to create a marketing model of customer acquisition + undertaking/interaction + transformation. The "thousand people" of financial marketing should also achieve the "thousand aspects" of marketing, that is, to achieve personalized, from the front end to the back end of the personalized.
Shenlin Technology - marketing intelligent platform

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